What Style of Coaching Is For You?

  • Self Discovery

    Exploring who you are to the deepest level so you can uncover what your truest desires are; even if you don’t know consciously what they are yet. We then create clarity and direction for you to step into your truest self....

  • Communication/Confidence

    Finding your own authentic way to communicate with yourself and others. Gain awareness on how you and others perceive yourself and what you can do about it. Build courage to be able to express yourself how you deeply want to; without fear of judgment.

  • Performance/Goal Achieving

    Strategise from where you are now to where you want to be. Eliminate any habits that no longer serve you and targeting specific behaviours so you can perform to your greatest potential. We then create together a clear step by step path to get there.

  • Relationship/Romance

    Using behavioural profiling tools we gain a deep understanding of yourself and your partner. We strategise using this information and work out a direct plan to move forward but in a fun and empowering way for both of you.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Finding your true leadership style, leverage from your team, building a strong presence and be confident in your leadership role. Wether it’s a new role, existing role or you’re wanting to create a coaching culture in your leadership style, we will strategise specifically for you.

  • Executive Coaching

    Create best practice work/life/family balance, reduce your stress through short and long term stress reduction techniques. Let go of anything that’s holding you back and start loving your life every day. Become effective, efficient and enjoy the process.

  • Self Love/Self Acceptance

    Create the relationship that you truly want with yourself. Become your own best friend. Discover what it is like to truly empower yourself, learn tools to implement on a daily basis and know that you can be your biggest cheerleader whilst feel darn good about it!

Your Coach, Matilda Wand

Coaching professionals to uncover their ultimate potential, get crystal clear clarity on what they really want and bring their goals and dreams into fruition so that they can enjoy freedom in a way that creates sustainable and lasting change from now well into the future. 


They way you gain "Freedom" can encompass a variety of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or even financial freedom. 


I believe the way I did things in my life actually isn’t the way others ‘should’ do their life. Life is not a cookie cutter approach. I am not here to push my personal ideologies onto others. I passionately work with clients where I encourage them to form their own path in the ways that are ecological and suitable for them. No one has walked in their shoes. Subconsciously they actually know the answers, even if they don’t think they do yet. I help you uncover your innermost wisdom for success.


When I was 17 years old I witnessed my ex-partner commit suicide in front of me. This forced me to have a post traumatic growth experience (and quarter life crisis by the time I was 21) that not many others get to experience.

I lived in my own human study of behaviours of the mind and how we ‘make up’ our own reality. Through my personal journey I have learnt how to move from rock bottom to complete contentment. Whilst this event lead to downhill changes first, the level of life I chose to live after these traumatic events has proven to be one of ultimate success, love and freedom.

As Deepak Chopra quoted, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

Firstly, success to me is being content with where I am right now and still having aspirations for the future. Success is a state of being, something you get to experience every day; not something you chase resetting the bar over and over again once you've achieved it. It is also important to have ecological goals that feel good, are good for me, good for others and good for the greater good.

My societal successes include:

* currently a Professional Firefighter working in Sydney Australia.
* competing in the 2017 Women’s World Cup for American Football
* being a sponsored athlete across multiple supplement and apparel brands
* founding and directing two successful businesses - Coaching Corporate Pty Ltd & Freedom is Within Pty Ltd
* facilitating transformative international retreats in the beautiful Vanuatu

* facilitating Walking Expeditions across Australia
* being an ambassador for motorbike riding on a global level

As a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming you know I have accreditation with the best coaching organisations on the planet. Holding certifications in; advanced diploma in life and leadership coaching, master practitioner of life coaching, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, certified multiple brain integration coach, level 2 accredited consultant of behavioural analysis and certified practitioner of timeline therapy and matrix therapies. These qualifications give me the knowledge, insight and tools to coach consciously and organically using the various coaching modalities I am trained in so that each and every coaching session is set up specifically for you.

Nisal Karunaratne

Postman - Australia Post

"I was looking to something outside of myself to make me feel better about myself and what Matilda showed me was that if you need something outside of yourself you are always going to loose. That's the way I had been living my life for a long time. Matilda helped me find freedom by changing my focus. I'm not searching for pleasure by depending on something that's outside of my control. I'm searching for pleasure through things that are in my control, the way I live my life, the person who I want to be and that's how Matilda helped me change my life."

"The outcome for myself over a relatively short period of time has been transformative and the possibilities within the domain of relationships for me are now completely open and there are no longer the barriers that I was putting in place previously."

Richard Seamark

Consultant Psychiatrist

"Matilda has given me belief in myself and helped me clarify what my actual goals are; which is a massive thing for me! I've been able to define my plan, I am feeling so focused and it's been wonderful to have Matilda as my support."

Judy Brookes

Lead Site Services


"Within one week I started loving my job which I thought was insane!! Every day I was laughing going to work and finding all these amazing things about my job. Within two weeks of coaching I had achieved my entire year's target ‪in two weeks‬! This is insane!"

Cassiano Garcia

Business Development Manager - Westpac

“Matilda methods helped me focus what is a priority in my life and now I look forward to any challenges. I've really enjoyed learning the new methods and techniques to understand what's really important to me and unlock the potential and the power that is within me. It's been a really great experience and I refer back to the methods and techniques on a daily basis.”

Michael Johnstone

Small Business Owner

“Some of the tools that I wasn't sure I believed in were actually the most impactful for me and elicited some of the strongest emotional responses for me. I encourage anybody whose thinking about this to take a chance to be open to new possibilities, to allow yourself to actually listen to your own mind and body when you are going through this process and to just be aware that the only person holding you back is yourself.”

Shannon Jordan

Senior Manager - Operational Environment

"The program gave me skills for a more positive observation on the world which influence the choices I make in every situation, dramatically effecting outcomes of the day for the better. I now have more confidence in my organisational and decision making ability's as well as a clearer view of what's really important to me. I'm enjoying this better direction and wisdom that I'm experiencing daily from changing my perspective on situations that develop."

Daniel Jerabek

MMU Operator - ORICA

"I didn’t realise the stuff that came up was going to come up and it was very surprising. It really shifted some energy for me. It felt like I’d gone from this stagnant place from where I was holding onto things; to a place of freedom!

Another time I had chronic back pain and was bed ridden then after one session I was up and walking the next day! It was amazing!"

Chloe Kingsford

Director - Strength City

"Coaching with Matilda has really changed the way I view myself and how I deal with certain situations. It strengthened the relationship with my partner, family and friends.

She helped me get over my body dysmorphia plus I cleared up my face from acne and lost 7 kgs! I now have a healthier mindset, healthier diet and healthier lifestyle."

Clarissa Cabral

Customer Specialist - Latitude

"Matilda worked with me to further develop my self-confidence and she provided me with effective strategies for empowering self-talk and self-love. I continue to use the skills and strategies that Matilda has taught me on a daily basis. I am now at the end of the 3 month program and I can honestly say that I feel like a new and improved me. A valuable and empowering program that was delivered by an expert coach."

Nadine Taragoulias

Assistant Principal - Kahiba

About Freedom is Within

As the Founding Director of Coaching Corporate, Matilda saw a need for professionals to go on their own individual journey outside of their work place. Freedom is Within is the natural progression of Matildas company Coaching Corporate.


A journey of self discovery, to create balance, focus, confidence and create a clear path to bring into their lives whatever it was they desired to manifest. Matilda guides you to live with authenticity and the courage to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


 Matilda is highly skilled in helping people shift old negative patterns and moving them towards what they want to achieve. Absolutely recommend her as a life coach. She is the consummate professional and really cares about helping people break through their limiting beliefs and behaviours.

David Fox

Psychologist & Published Author

 I have massively improved my relationship with myself, my partner and my business has been impacted and is gaining momentum. My life has been changed exponentially and for the better. I highly recommend Matilda for anyone who wants to improve their life and start being their best version.

Caitlin Hosking

Nutritionist & Coach

Your Freedom is Within Team

Matilda Wand

Behavioural Strategist & Life Coach

Matilda is a strong and powerful woman, who will lead you into a version of yourself you’ve never imagined possible. She integrates her experience with various coaching modalities such as neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, multiple brain integration techniques, behavioural analysis and matrix therapies.

Adam Casey

Life & Freedom Coach

 Adam has a deep passion for the study of psychology, human behaviour and brain neuroplasticity. He uses this to promote a love of being in the moment for you. He is very engaging when you speak to him in your quest to promote a better future.

Jodi Finnan

Executive Assistant

Jodi has been an EA to some of Sydney’s top CEOs, including Denis Handlin (Sony Music), David Gallop (FFA), Mark McGuiness (David Jones), Mark Scott (ABC TV) & has over 18 years assisting in global multi million companies. Jodi is here to make your experience more smooth.

Danielle O'Bryan

Life & Freedom Coach

Danielle specialises in helping people eradicate their limiting beliefs, fears and negative thought patterns that have been holding them back. She empowers you to take massive action in your life, overcome negative self talk and establish healthy habits.

Duncan Gillespie

Tech Wizard

Duncan is a wizard of technology, creating a seamless experience for our Freedom is Within users. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in creating online programs so that we can offer you the support you deserve.

Cassandra Gales

Life & Freedom Coach

Cassie specialises in weight loss and pain management. She helps support clients to make ever lasting change in their lives through helping them gain self awareness and then form strategies to overcome personal problems.

Since my coaching sessions with Matilda I am definitely more honest and open about saying what is on my mind to my supervisors instead of dancing around the subject that I really need to get answers to.

I’m also getting better at self talk by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts then tuning those thoughts into positive emotions like Matilda assisted me to.

Cameron Fancett

Open Cut Examiner - Mining Supervisor

As a creative person working in a demanding corporate position, I was finding that balancing work, relationships, personal goals and my own internal needs was becoming really difficult. Matilda's coaching helped me to pinpoint why my energy and motivation was low, and to define what was really important to me.

Karen Davey

Corporate Sustainability Manager

Matilda has an exceptional coaching style, conversations were structured so concepts could be understood, and presented so I was learning from the experience.
I initially started off seeking some balance, then came away with a greater understanding and more knowledge, on how to live a more authentic and satisfied life.

Glen Rues

Bid Manager

Certifications + Memberships

Matilda is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming so you know she has been trained and has accreditation with the best coaching organisations on the planet.


 Matilda has been certified in various coaching modalities such as master practitioner neuro linguistic programming, master practitioner hypnosis, multiple brain integration techniques, behavioural analysis level 2 accreditation and matrix therapies.


*The Freedom is Within team are all personally mentored by Matilda and have very similar training. All coaches use the same ethical guidelines under the International Coaching Federation.

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