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Matilda Wand

Matilda Wand is the Founder of two successful companies Freedom is Within, and Coaching Corporate. She is certified as a Master Practitioner of life and leadership coaching with the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation, and leads a team of expert coaches. Matilda is accredited at a master level in various coaching modalities, including neuro linguistic programming, multiple brain integration techniques, behavioural analysis, hypnosis, matrix therapies, timeline therapy, emotional intelligence, and life and leadership coaching.  She has transformed the lives of multi-million-dollar directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, who hail from all over the world. Matilda also hosts international and national retreats, including walking expeditions, that fully immerse her clients in an integrative coaching experience.

Your Freedom is Within Coaches

Danielle O'Bryan

Danielle specialises in helping clients eradicate limiting beliefs, fears and negative thought patterns that have been holding you back. She empowers you to take massive action in your life, overcome negative self talk and establish healthy habits. Danielle has a unique ability to see deep below the surface level of what is really going on for her clients and directs you with compassion in an empowering way so you can achieve the success you desire in your life. She will keep you accountable, honest and moving forward throughout your coaching program.

Adam Casey

Adam has a deep passion for the study of psychology, human behaviour and brain neuroplasticity. He uses this to promote a love of being in the moment for you. He is very engaging when you speak to him in your quest to promote a better future. Living in Victoria, Adam works remotely with clients to make impactful and positive changes in their lives wherever they are in the world.

Cassandra Gales

Cassandra specialises in personal development, self growth plus stress and pain management. She helps support clients to make lasting change in their lives through helping them gain self-awareness to overcome personal problems. Cassandra uses hypnotherapy and other modalities of coaching to create best outcomes that are unique to each of her clients needs. She resides in Melbourne Victoria also working remotely with her clients.

Matilda Wand

Behavioural Strategist & Coach

"Book yourself in for a complimentary Assess Your Life Session using the calendar; where we will uncover what is going on for you, what the coaching process is and the steps to take you forward. 

Alternatively, contact me via phone +61422049711 or email matilda@freedomiswithin.com.au or fill out the contact form below."

What Clients Say

"The outcome for myself over a relatively short period of time has been transformative and the possibilities within the domain of relationships for me are now completely open and there are no longer the barriers that I was putting in place previously."

Richard Seamark

Consultant Psychiatrist

"Within one week I started loving my job which I thought was insane!! Every day I was laughing going to work and finding all these amazing things about my job. Within two weeks of coaching I had achieved my entire year's target ‪in two weeks‬! This is insane!"​

Cassiano Garcia

Business Development Manager

"I didn’t realise the stuff that came up was going to come up and it was very surprising. It really shifted some energy for me. It felt like I’d gone from this stagnant place from where I was holding onto things; to a place of freedom!"

Chloe Kingsford


"Coaching clarified a lot for me. Systematically I can now work through things and when I continue to put the strategies in place and extend upon the changes that I have made, which were quite significant, it should be relatively easy for me to go through the areas and tidy up anything that I'd still like to address."

Chelsey Windsor

Forensic Psychologist

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